Custom Branded Discontinues use of all non filter compatible face masks

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Our face mask printing is now done only on masks with filter pockets – If you have a mask at home that you have purchased somewhere or made we have put together a list of things you can do to improve your mask here.

As masks become harder to come by, any mask is better than none. Block 26.5 of particles is significantly better than none, If your mask has nose bridge wire and does not steam up glasses chances are you are getting far better protection anyway.

Cotton masks even without filters are still fine within your office etc, however if you regularly come into contact with individuals such as customers we advise using a recommened mask instead. You can read more about the various masks here.

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If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is how much we really did rely on everyone doing their part, and that nothing is 100% Safe.

We also learn’t a lot about what does and doesn’t work well, with some awesome research being done around the world.

We have and still supply limited stock of Masks in New Zealand to exisiting clients, however it is very important to note that without filters some cloth masks have efficiency of only 26.5%. Which is still something.

However with that in mind, our recommendation to clients changed to and continues to be – if in doubt use N95s. Mask use in New Zealand has dropped markedly, however if you are concerned or just want to take a reasonable precaution we absolutely recommend visiting a Pharmacy or chatting to your GP as some have stock of masks that they hand out to clients.

Ultimately Custom Branded is here to help with your uniform and promo needs, however we have no further plans to import masks as we feel that our clients are better served by proven N95s.

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