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Custom Branded™

We are a Commercial Branding facility, specializing in branding apparel and textiles in-house from the best suppliers NZ Wide.

Graphics on Shirts Ltd is Custom Branded™

From 10 units to 10,00 units Custom Branded have New Zealand’s T- Shirt Printing and Uniform requirements met in-house. From great suppliers such as AS Colour, C-Force, Jb’s, and Gildan.

Established 1976 Graphics on Shirts was originally the trading name of Cheers and Beers Limited which was started by James (Jim) Crooks. In 2013 Cheers and Beers was purchased by it’s long-time Commercial Screen Printer Graphics on Shirts Limited and began trading as Custom Branded. 

Branding Apparel is in our blood!

As well as T-Shirt printing we supply and print thousands of Aprons and Apparel items a year for agencies, businesses, schools and fundraising groups.

Previously trading as PrintedTees.co.nz, we now trade as Custom Branded™ as our previous url did not come close to describing all of the products we brand.


Apparel Print/Embroider & Supply

Branded Uniforms and Apparel should be easy, so let us help.


Apparel can be confusing, with so many brands and so many branding methods it is sometimes hard to tell what is best.

We started life in 1976 as an agency sourcing odds and end, we were purchased by our Screenprinter in 2013 and have kept adding in-house branding methods since then…

Know what you need? Brilliant drop us a message or check out the quick quote for an indication of pricing. Don’t know what you need, or want some other options? that is what we are here for, drop us and let us help, thats what we’re here for.

custom branded symbols

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Free Setup* All Print orders receive One Free Setup at 50+ Units. This means a 50+ Unit Order with a One Colour print has no setup fee at all.


We are a commercial branding facility, we specialise in bulk runs. However we understand that sometimes our clients need smaller runs.

This is why we offer Screen Print from just 20 units and Digital transfers from 10 Units.

We also screen print up to 3 Colours at 10 units for repeat orders only. 

Sub Moq

We can print from 1 unit, however this will be charged as 10 units. As an example;

10 x Basic Tees with a print might be might be $18.00 +gst each, so $180.00 + gst total.

We could print 5x Tees for the same $180.00 +gst total , so each tee in this example would be $36.00 +gst ea + Setup Fee

Are you a client that regular orders 100+ units at least a few times a year? Speak to your rep, they may be able to offer a discount of up to 15% on sub moq jobs.


We provide PDF Softproofs.

Sampling is only an option on large value orders exceeding 1000 units, by arrangement.

IF your order is likely to be 250+ we offer a subsidised sampling fee – It is similar to our SUB MOQ Fee

We can print from 1 unit, however this will be charged as 10 units. As an example;

10 x Basic Tees with a print might be $18.00 ea +gst, so $180.00 + gst + Setup

So the sample invoice will be $180.00 +gst + setup fee.

This amount is invoiced, and a credit applied to your bulk run.

10% Of sampling invoice (excluding setup) of credit against job proceeding at 100+ units.

50% Of sample invoice of credit (incl setup) against job proceeding at 250+ units.


T-Shirt and Hoody Supply and Screen printing
• Teatowel Supply and printing
• Apron and Uniform Supply
Safety and Workwear Supply
In-House Screen printing and Branding Facilities
• Proofing and advice
Phthalate Free Printing

At Custom Branded™ can brand and supply all of your apparel requirements, however while we have accounts with all major local suppliers such as Biz Collection, AS Colour, Syzmik, BMV, Cloke, James Harvest, Stormtech etc we import and stock our own 100% Cotton Tea Towels for printing.

Promotional product supply and indent is reserved for our Apparel, Uniform and Tea Towel clients.
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We offer three main methods of branding:

Screen Printing

For Tea Towels utilise water based dye inks to ensure a soft and water absorbent finish, ideally these would be cold water washed to prolong vibrancy. Using this process the ink effectively sits inside of the garment.

We print using PVC and Phtalate Free Plastisol onto other products such as Tee shirts and Aprons. Perfect for t-shirt screen printing. AS Colour NZ and more.


While Waterbased Screenprinting is the best method for Teatowels. Embroidery is great for Shirts and Aprons and is long lasting and look extremely classy, embroidery is perfect for thinner or smaller logos, as pricing is based on stitch count it is not ideal for large logos or areas. Pricing does scale with quantity, however it is not as economical on long runs as Screenprint can be and small details can be an issue.


At Custom Branded we are of the opinion that Digital transfers have come a long way, and are perfect for short runs where a large number of colours are required or where a large branding area is required, Digitals can prove to be cheaper than Screen Print or Embroidery when small quantities are required. Fine text is not suited to this method and whilst it does save on setup fees it is typically more costly than either Screenprint or Embroidery for longer runs. Pricing is based on area.

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Ethics and the Environment

We could write (and do write) a bunch of stuff about why we believe in Ethics and the Environment, however ultimately we are a smallish team – We all work here and we all know each other – Most of our policies are simply based around what is best for all of us working here…

organic and waterbased printing

Printed in New Zealand! With an emphasis on Kiwi Suppliers.

1. We Screenprint in Auckland, New Zealand. Our factory has excellent airflow.
2. Our staff are all paid at very least the “Living Wage” – Accreditation Pending.
3. All Staff are provided free on site Flu Shots annually, and we are working with providers to find the best deal on a baseline Health Insurance for employees. 
4. With a lot of parents on staff, we work with flexible hours.

From this site you will be able to tell we are very keen on using AS Colour, who are a local company, we love a few things about them:

1. We are Supporting Local by using them.
2. They got rid of their polyester sports range a few years ago. And were the first to offer 80/20 cotton/polyester as a bottom rung for hoodies, many of the other suppliers are sitting around 60/40, 50/50 or even 100% polyester. This lines up with our goal of avoiding polyester at all costs.
3. AS Colour have Affordable Organic Cotton T-shirt printing options. 
4. Their gear prints great.

You can check out their policies on their site.

We do also have a couple of really cool cool Fairtrade Suppliers who we would normally push, however covid has created such stock issues that we simply cannot do so currently.

We also like to support the countries in which our suppliers work and do so through KIVA Social Loans.

Polyester, synthetic fibres and the rise of active wear

We wrote a blog article about this and recently synthetic fibres are back in the news. We had hoped to see more publicity before now.

The meatiest news is that microfibres from your activewear is literally washing down the drain every wash. These fibres (along with other microplastics) have now been found in even near impossible to reach locations in every corner of the world, on land and in the ocean.

Plastics have been detected in not only the animals we eat, but in the plants as well. In fact chemicals from plastic have now been detected in an unborn child.

Despite this, through clever marketing we are buying up performance, dry gear and active wear in record numbers with Active Wear brands popping up left right and centre. Do not be fooled, these are Plastic garments that literally cost less to produce than their natural counterparts, despite their RRPs.

At Custom Branded we do acknowledge there are rare instances where polyester can be advantageous, we can and we do supply sports and polyester garments. However we actively advise against them.

We believe the choice is with consumers, however we have found that by firstly hiding these these garments away and focusing on quality Suppliers like AS Colour and secondly by explaining that even run of the mill cotton is better breathing most clients are happy to move to natural fibres.

Environmental policy

We’ve always hated polyester truth be told…. 
However In 2017 we decided to pivot away from it as much as possible, with an end goal of moving away from it entirely.

The reality is, no matter how clean “Recycled” Polyester manufacturing may be, and all the good recycling intentions there are… Polyester garments shed millions of microfibres over their lifespan and these end up in everything from our Oceans to our Lungs, food and water.

We 100% recommend and Push  AS Colour, they have Organic Cotton options – Which are far superior to even the best traditional cotton production. 

However even their standard cotton is BCI accredited.

Our tea towels are all 100% waterbased printed and we have made Cotton Supply Co our main focus going forward.

It’s is the chemicals and release of chemicals in the printing and curing of the garments  that has spurred this on – We do not want our staff or any of us exposed to these fumes.

Our enviromental goals can be summed it as:

  1. Reduce harm to our staff
  2. Reduce harm to our clients

These two goals, compliment and enhance our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. At Custom Branded we:

  • Stopped individual polybagging some time ago.
  • Swapped to recycled cardboard and compostable packaging.
  • Promote suppliers who limit excess packing.

But we aren’t done yet, we have some very exciting projects to announce shortly, including a new better product and swapping from One Tree Planted to a NZ based tree planting charity.

Printing, Packing and Couriers

Our Standard inks are PVC and Phthalate free. Additionally through Cotton Cotton Supply Co® we supply 100% Cotton Aprons (including cotton straps) and 100% Cotton Tea Towels, which are printed using waterbased dye instead of inks.

We never individually poly(or otherwise) bag garments. Some garments (such as white t shirts/hoods) will be shipped with a liner supplied by their respective suppliers. All of our Satchels are compostable. Most garments are sent out with recycled boxes.

We offer collection for local clients to avoid unneeded couriers. When couriering we use NZ Couriers who are due to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030 and are committed to electrifying their fleet. Local time critical deliveries are made with Urgent Couriers who were NZ’s first Carbon neutral courier company.

AS Colour Orangic Printing

AS Colour are our primary supplier, for the reasons above and because their gear prints and lasts well! And they are doing in the ethical fashion guide.

Their credentials are exhaustive, including:
• Octo-Tex
• GOTS (organic range)
• Amfori
• Reemi

Additionally all of our other suppliers have ethical statement pages you may view:

• We are in the process of swapping from One Tree Planted to Trees that Count a New Zealand based charity for more transparency.
Living Wage Accreditation pending at time of last update.
Kiva Social Loans https://www.kiva.org/lender/custombranded

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We work with a wide range of NZ Based Charities with special rates including: Youthline, Child Cancer Foundation, Unicef, Fair Food and many more. Our School Fundraising pricing is extended to 100s of Schools and ECEs every year year. 

Factory Hours: 9am – 5pm Mon-Fri by Appointment
74 Morrin Road, Saint Johns
Auckland 1072
PO Box 251166, Pakuranga, Auckland
09 358 1249

If you are requesting a quote or have a question please note we do not provide quotes over the phone. See pricing or submit a quote request here.