Custom Branded Printed Face Masks

Put your logo onto reusable face masks.

Cotton Reusable Face Masks Custom Branded from 25+ Units | Bulk Rates Available | Filters Optional | Full Colour Sublimation indent available from 1000+

We now only supply Cotton Masks that include PM2.5 Filter Pocket

If your current masks do not have filters it is time to change to one that does, or swap to N95, or P2 masks.

Printed KN95 Masks

We have very limited supply of White CNAS tested White KN95 masks available and also Black KN95 Masks

KN95 is the Chinese equivalent of N95. With ear loops instead of overhead, they are a closer match to our P2. These masks should be worn for 1hr at a time, with a break in between.

KN95 masks have a limited area for branding, and branding is not suitable for washing (though neither are N95, P2 or KN95 masks themselves) as it is applied at very low heat. 




Important Mask Information:

Particle blocking efficiency:

  • N95, P2 – up to 94%
  • Surgical Masks as low as 38%*
  • Cloth Masks as low as 26.5%**

*With adjustments to fit alone these can be closer to 60%.
**Cloth masks are highly variable due to the number of variations. Nose Bridge and Loop Adjusters with make them more efficient. Filters also provide additional protection. Somewhat biased testing by pureka masks puts this at as high as 90%.

Read more here.

Our printed cotton face masks are in adult sizing

They come in 3 layer (while available) or 2 layer variants. Both variants have Nose Bridge and Loop Adjusters and Filter Pockets. We also have a very limited supply of filters.

Face Mask Printing starts at 25+ Units.

face mask printing sizes

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+gst ea

Jobs over 150 Units are to be quoted depending on the print area and requirements to ensure the best possible price. Please submit artwork example to assist with quoting if available.

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    Price includes Mask and Print (Full Colour). Excludes GST and Freight.
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    What mask should you wear?

    N95, P2, KN95

    If you are regularly in crowded areas, particularly in doors it is advised that you wear P2 or N95 masks. You should only wear these for as long as required, up to 1 hr before taking a break to avoid inhalation stress and CO2 build up as per CDC Guidelines here. 


    Surgical and Cloth Masks

    If you are in a public facing reception Surgical Masks (with loops tied) are much more comfortable for long periods of wear. Cotton Masks should have a nose bridge adjuster as bare minimum. A good cloth mask with a filter may exceed Surgical Mask efficiency even with loops tied.
    Learn more here


    Face Mask Printing | Custom Branded Face Masks
    pm2.5 cotton face mask printed | Custom Covid Face Masks
    KN 95 Mask Branding Auckland

    Face Mask Printing

    We brand face masks using Screen Print transfers and supercolour

    This means we can print fine details and as many colours as you need.You can brand either side or both, it is entirely up to you when face mask printing. Standard Branding area is either up to 60mmx60mm or 100mm x 30mm.

    Our custom face masks

    Our basic Quality Black Face mask.

    • At 14.5cm high this is an adult fit.
    • 3 layers of cotton with an included filter pocket.
    • Adjustable, nose bridge and ear loops.

    These are great masks… That are well… Black, and black only – Which suit around 99% of our orders, this is New Zealand after all, black tees are essentially our uniform why not masks too right. With a PM2.5 filter and proper fitting cloth masks can block 60-90% of particles.

    KN95 Face Masks

    We have limited stock of  White KN95 Masks (CNAS tested), which is the Chinese equivalent of N95. As well as some Black KN95.
    Important Note: These are tested by an accredited laboratory (CNAS) in China, which confirms that despite the absence of all required physical markings on the masks, these masks meet the performance criteria required. However, we are not able to substantiate that they are specifically to the KN95 standard, as they are missing the physical markings on the mask which must be present on the mask, tear down confirms multiple layers of varying materials,

    Do cotton face masks work?

    Short answer – Yes.
    The longer answer is, that anything (even single layer) is better than absolutely nothing, but;

    Varying tests have varying results, last year the answer would have been that Three Layer Cotton Reusable masks are great, even testing found them working well. However the most recent reports are that they might not be as good as originally thought.

    Once we starting sourcing our own we made sure to include a filter layer for those who wanted filters.

    Our masks support PM2.5 filters which provide both mechanical and electrostatic barriers, capable of blocking very small particles. This is a serious upgrade and recommended. This can improve blocking up to 60-90%.  Learn more about cotton mask effectiveness here.

    Blank Bulk KN95 Masks

    Stock is reserved first for branded orders of KN95s. 

    Why our masks?

    Custom Branded™ Masks are High Quality

    We brand them in-house and import the masks ourselves

    This means we are able to price our masks similarly to other budget options, so you end up with a much better mask at a similar if not better price than some of the other low quality options on the market. 

    Our masks fit well, and all of our masks include pm2.5 filter pockets. 
    Which may improve particle blocking to 60-90%. A lot of this is dependant on how you wear your mask.

    Face Masks for Staff

    Custom Face Masks for your staff

    Supply your team or business with custom printed face masks

    With the latest lockdown showing how quick viruses spread it is more important now than ever to ensure you have face masks on hand. Getting custom face masks printed is cheap and easy.

    If you are going to be issuing masks you may as well have them branded with your logo or message.

    Customised reusable face masks are a great way to represent your team. 

    Face Masks for Giveaways, Conferences and Promos

    Promotional Printed Face masks

    Perfect for promo events, as conference face masks or printed for giveaways

    Promo Face masks come in various qualities and varieties.

    Conferences are likely to require masks for the next while, so promote your products or company with personalised facemasks.

    Custom Printed face masks are a great promo item. 

    How much are custom face masks

    50+ Units of our masks with One Position branded are $7.95 +gst ea for our quality custom face masks.Bulk rates from 100 units.

    What is the minimum order?

    We brand from just 25 units.

    How much for a bulk run of custom face masks?

    We quote on anything at the moq of 25+ units based on the artwork, and the same for orders 100+ units.

    What colours can you supply?

    Our face masks are held in stock in Black.

    Black face masks are generally always available, other colours are subject to stock availability. 

    As well as Custom Face Masks Printing we can also help with Screen Printed T-Shirts and Uniforms, Aprons, Caps and Bags and More . Learn more about Covid-19 at
    Customise face masks with your company logo, team message or club branding.

    Let us know what you are after on this form and we'll get back to you.

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