Custom Crew & Hoodie Printing

With a diverse range of climates what works for us printing hoodies in Auckland may not do the job further South. AS Colour Hoods come in a wide range of weights from the Light Pricepoint Supply hood through to the new Heavy Hoodie.

Additionally Crew neck sweatshirts are becoming more and popular and we print crews for all of companies and clubs all around the country.

Rigs Hoodies Embroidered

Hoodie Embroidery

Hoodies and sweatshirts can look fantastic with an embroidery.

Embroidery on Hoods and Sweats is typically done for Uniforms and labels. Contact us today for a quote on having your teams hoodies embroidered.

Wildcat Hoody Printing

Hoodie Screen printing

AS Colours emphasis on cotton means that their garments are perfect for hoodie printing. However Cloke and Urban Collab also have great printing hoodies.

Screen Printing is perfect for larger branding onto sweats of any type.

Our quick estimator has approx pricing on our mostly commonly printed items including printed hood pricing. However it doesn’t come close to having every item available to us, and only covers a basic single print position and upto 250 units.

If you know what you are after, or need some options or require multiple prints, let us know using the form at the foot of this page OR specify on the second page of the instant estimator below:

cloke edge hoody printing

Product Spotlight
The Cloke Edge Hoodie

Now in 80/20 Cotton

The Improved Edge Hoody prints great. Available in Grey/Black/Royal/Navy/Charcoal.

Cloke have some great garments, however it is the edge hoody that puts it in another league for sheer value, only other hoods in this price bracket (such as the Gildan 18500) are much poorer in quality. Truly cheap hoodies tend to be just that, cheap. However with bulk screenprinting rates the Cloke Edge is a great choice for cheap hoodie printing, simply the most affordable hoody for printing (without sacrificing quality).



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I can't see what I need here - Or - I need more branding options

The quick estimator above will give you an idea of basic branding on our most popular items.

You can let us know on the next step, or contact us using our live chat or contact form if you require:

Garments not listed – We print hundreds of items from dozens of suppliers. Need some recommendations? Let us know.

More print positions – Many jobs do require more than one print position, let us know what branding you require.

A bulk run – Jobs over 1 print position, 4 print colours or 250+ units are quoted based on ink usage and other variables. Our team can quote based on your requirements.

Embroidery or Digital – Embroidery is based on stitch count, so we will need to see your logo. A small pocket logo is generally pretty similar to a One Colour Print. Digital is based area printed.

AS Colour Hoody printing

AS Colour Hoodies

Custom hoodie printing favourite

From the pricepoint AS Supply Hood through to the Premium Zip and Camo/Faded Options, AS Colour have a huge range of Mens and Ladies Hoodies for printing, including Crop Hoods and Kids Styles. Much like their T-Shirts these hoods print up exceptionally well and have a high perceived retail value, these are great for retail brands.

Although Stencil hoodie printing is very popular in Auckland and further north, the Supply has been unbeatable in quality/value countrywide. AS Colour has hoodies in dozens of styles and colours colours.

Notable AS Hoods: Stencil Hoodie Printing, Supply Hoods, Premium Hoods, Camo Stencil Hoods, Crop Hoodies, Heavy Hoods.

Cloke Colour Custom Hoodie Printing

Cloke Hoodies

Long before AS Colour started getting serious about sweatshirts Banbury was the king of hoodies, now rebranded as Cloke. Cloke hoodies are fantastic value, with the edge now 80% Cotton it represents great value, unbeatable for bulk custom hoody runs.

These guys have the heaviest weight hoods and some really great dri-gear performance hoodies, and Men, Ladies and Childrens’ styles. They also have the only readily available pocketless hoods.

Notable Cloke Hoods: Edge hoody printing, Pocketless hoodies, Extremely heavyweight options.

Urban Collab Hoody Printing

Urban Collab Hoodies

Urban Collab is new on the scene and offers a great quality pullover hoody in a few colours, they also offer a sweatshirt for printing. The range is expected to expand later this year.

These are from the supplier who imports Gildan Hoodies and represents their first foray into higher end gear. The Broad hoody is a direct competitor to the ever popular Stencil hood.

Budget/Cheap Hoodies for printing

The Broad might not fit the bill as a cheap option, however as they also bring in Gildan hoods this supplier is traditional go to for cheap custom hoodie printing. Also worth a look is the Cloke Edge which is outstanding value for your bulk hoody runs.

1. The Cheapest Hoodies for Printing

Scraping the bottom of the barrel we can print and supply Jbs and Bocini hoodies if you need cheap custom hoodie printing, these are certainly not our second or third recommendation – They are however a significant step up from Warehouse and Kmart brands.

We also supply and print Gildan, who are renowned for being cheap, in fact if the Cheaper Edge Hoody from Cloke or Affordable Supply Hoody is too expensive, Gildan would probably be our next recommendation.

2. The best Hoody for Printing

Urban Collab Broad, Cloke 300 or AS Colour Stencil/Premium are absolutely the best hoodies for printing.

The Supply is also great and good Value and the Cloke Edge is fine to print as well and hard to argue with it’s price especially when printing in bulk. Gildan hoods and Jbs print ok, however we’d call these the minimum quality.

Other great brands we commonly print are Syzmik, Biz Collection, BMV, Stormtech and occasionally when quality is not required we will sometimes print Bocini.
We no longer print onto budget no name brands.

3. The best Hoody

Hands down any of the AS Colour Hoodies are the best for reselling. You don’t need to remove the tag, these have the clout and perceived value you want. IF you are relabelling, check out the Cloke 300 or Urban Collab. The AS Colour Stencil Hood is probably the best overall.

For Teams or groups:
If you are fitting out your team or group, AS is still very popular however check out UC and Cloke. AS Colour makes the most sense for influencers and Instagrammers.

On a budget:
The supply might work, but you cannot beat the value of the Cloke Edge Hoody perfect for events where you want a cheaper but still quality hood.

Crews and Sweatshirt printing

AS Colour and Cloke also both have fantastic quality sweatshirts for print. Contact us with what you are after and our team will get back to you with a quote asap.

Children’s Custom Hoodie Printing

AS Colour and Cloke both have great kids hoody optiong, however if you are a ECE or School contact us and let us know.

Do you supply hoodies from other suppliers?

AS Colour are our most recommended supplier for a few reasons: They are high quality, they print well, they have a high retail value and they generally do not have stock issues. They are also a kiwi company. In fact all of our recommended suppliers (Urban Collab, AS, Cloke, Syzmik, BMV) were all started here in little ol’ New Zealand.

However yes, we do also supply JB’s Wear, Bocini and C-Force amongst others such as Aussie Pacific and even Gildan. Let us know what you are after on the form below and we can get back to you with a quote for printing custom hoodies.

We print and supply hoodies from a huge range of companies. We also supply and casual and corporate jackets, let us know what you need using the form below – Or live chat with us.

Custom printed hoodies and sweats are a great way to keep your team warm this winter or even for early morning starts the rest of the year. We have been printing hoodies in-house for decades and have printed everything from quality hoodies right through to budget cheap hoodies. There are some brands we generally won’t touch but even if you do not see it on this site, chances are we can supply it. From Syzmik Workwear Hoodies, Hi Vis to full on Jackets we have a supplier for everything. So if you are looking where to get hoodies printed, we can help with your wholesale bulk hoody printing. Contact us below today for apparel supply, screen printing, embroidery and more.

Can I supply hoodies to get printed?

Short answer is no, we do occasionally allow clients to supply a handful of extreme size hoodies when we simply cannot supply but are branding the bulk of an order.

What branding is best on hoodies?

Hoodies are a great item, aside from the Pocket on the front there is nothing specifically to watch out for. However unlike T-Shirts which are soft and worn against the skin Embroidery can be really effective on Hoodies (that isn’t to say you cannot embroider t-shirts).

What sort of branding will depend on your requirements, one of our staff can help you with this.

Where to get custom hoodies printing near me.

We print and supply New Zealand wide, so no matter if you are looking for Hoodie Printing in Auckland or the rest of the country we can help.

However we do have MOQ of 20 units and even more for complex designs – As such we may not be able to help out with your specific order.
If you only need a few it would be worth checking out your local mall, most malls have small monogramming stores that you have probably walked past a hundred times and whilst they won’t have full product facilities or bulk pricing these wee stores are setup specifically for short runs.

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