Tea Towel Screen Printing

Tea Towel Printing

Fundraising School Tea Towels and Corporate Gifts

Jim, of Cheers and Beers Limited, started printing tea towels here in Auckland, New Zealand well over 25 years ago.

And we’ve never stopped custom tea towel printing, printing tens of thousands a year for Fundraisers, Schools, Clubs, Agencies and Businesses as well as for artists and designers through out Aoteaora. Teatowel printing is a massive part of what we do, so much so that you probably found us through teatowels.co.nz or cotton supply co.

cotton tea towel printing

teatowels.co.nz Cotton Tea Towels

Custom Branded supply our own 100%  White and Natural Cotton Tea Towels.

Striking a balance between a great print surface and a great dish towel took some doing, however not only do our tea towels print great they also make fantastic dish drying kitchen towels.

We can also supply from a range of local suppliers.

Custom Tea Towel Printing | Tea Towel Printers

Water-based Dye Screen Printing

Custom Printed Tea towels need to be soft and absorbent, this rules out Plastisol and Waterbased ink substitutes which sit on the surface.

By only print using waterbased dyes, our tea towel printing sits inside the fibres, allowing full use as a kitchen dish towel.

Safe Inks
tea towel printing

Huge print area

At 710 x 510mm our tea towels are huge, and we can print up to a massive 400mm x 600mm which is close to A2.

Full edge to edge printing is available as indent only. Our indent orders include custom tags.

Custom Tea Towel Printing

Custom Tea Towel Printing

Every year we print tea towels for dozens of designers to sell on their sites and in stores, as well as thousands of tea towels as giveaways and promotions.

Spot colour tea towels look fantastic and are affordable.

From $7.00 per unit | 50 Units

Bulk Rates from 100+ Units

Current Pricing is available at teatowels.co.nz

teatowels.co.nz pricing
Work Example - Child Cancer Tea Towels

School and Fundraising Tea towels

We print tea towels for hundreds of fundraising groups every year Including:

• School tea towels • Kindergarten tea towels • ECE tea towels • Club tea towels • Tea Towels for Charities

You can download our Fundraising, ECE and School Fundraising Prices here:

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Education printing

Digital Full Colour Tea Towels

We print tea towels digitally here in-house.

However we also indent larger orders, these can printed edge to edge and have custom tags.

Digital Printed Tea Towels
Plastisol Colours

Custom Dish Towel Printing, Kitchen Towels, Teatowels or Tea Towels?

That depends on where you are from. We Screen Print Tea Towels here in New Zealand, they do in Aussie and the UK too! The Americans however Print Dish Towels.

Tea Towels are almost certainly a British invention, first tea towels popped up in the 18th Century. Initially for drying dishes they eventually ended up finding their true calling being wrapped around Tea Pots.

Printed Tea Towels make great keepsakes

  • Price, Print Area, not worrying about holding stock of sizes are all great reasons.
  • They are easily mailed and stored. And they are hugely useful.
  • As a promo item they are kept not thrown. They are also a great canvas for your artwork.
  • Parents love them, and they are so easy to mail to grand parents or even overseas.

And for some reason we just love the humble tea towel here in New Zealand.

Custom printed tea towels

You probably already a tea towel printed by us, if you have used teatowels.co.nz, or have a tea towel with a teatowels.co.nz, or cheers and beers tag. That is us!

The Original Kiwi Tea Towel Printers

We had to change our trading name to avoid the confusion that all we do is print  towels. We are a commercial screen printing facility in Auckland. Tea towels are a speciality, however we print a lot more than just tea towels, hence the name Custom Branded. You can check out some of our past work, or request a sampe tea towel.

• Our print area is massive at 400 x 600mm
This means your artwork gets a larger canvas.
• We print using Dye, not Ink

Pricing changes from time to time, so it is best to get a quote.However a single print colour tea towel at 100+ units usually sits around $5.00 +gst ea.

Our tea towels are 720mm by 510mm. Some of the other local we supply are 700mm x 500mm – We do not print anything smaller than this currently.

We supply both Natural and White Cotton.Black is available locally, however as it has to have an ink not a dye, we do not recommend this, unless it is an indent product which is dyed black (aside from the print area) and even then we think White and Natural are nicer.

We can print 600mm x 400mm in-house. Pricing is upto 4 Spot Colour, contact us if you have a larger order or need more colours printed.

As our inks in this instance are in fact not inks but waterbased dye in a printing paste we mix colours per job.This means we generally match to close Pantone Colours.

Full colour printing can be difficult using this process, to get around this we have a large format DTG printer in-house especially for bags and teatowels for smaller orders. And indent direct from our factories for larger full colour orders.

This depends on number of colour and quantity of teatowels, we also have Fundraising/Charity pricing available.

Setup for Tea Towels is $60.00 +gst per colour/design. This is Free at some pricebreaks and is not charged on repeats.

As the process is generally spot colour, we can accept raster files provided they are 300ppi at the print size required.

Otherwise, as always we prefer vector files where possible.

The owner of the business himself was one of Jim’s original printers, so we’ve been doing this a long long time.

This depends on use, we have some hanging around that are purposefully thrashed and after a couple of years of weekly washing are still holding up. Provided they are looked after and cold water washed a printed tea towel should last 20-30 washes easily. And once they start fading they actually look even better.

Factory Hours: 9am – 5pm Mon-Fri by Appointment
74 Morrin Road, Saint Johns
Auckland 1072
PO Box 251166, Pakuranga, Auckland
09 358 1249

If you are requesting a quote or have a question please note we do not provide quotes over the phone. See pricing or submit a quote request here.