Are cotton face masks any good?

And how can we improve them?

We print and supply thousands of face masks in our factory, we’ve kept an eye on articles, which last year suggested multi layer cotton was reasonably good – However we did also have them made with filter pockets after doing a large run with a locally supplied mask which didn’t have this.

Latest news suggests we’ve done the right thing – However that doesn’t help out people like my Mother who is now stressing out about her masks she made.  

The low down on mask filtering efficiency.

As you may have read, according to the EPA cotton masks aren’t great.

It isn’t all bad news. 

With a good fit, and a filter cotton masks can block upto 60-90% of particles.
Maybe you simply prefer cotton, or you have made a whole heap at home, the good news is that you can improve them. 

Steps you can take to make your mask better:

1. Make sure the mask fits, you can add ear loop adjusters.
2. Sew in a bendable nose bridge wire if you’ve made the masks yourself.
3. You can wear a surgical mask underneath your cloth mask.
4. If you have a filter pocket, you can cut a surgical mask and use this.
5. If you can, buy pm2.5 filters.

If you do not have a cotton mask, but plan on purchasing one, make sure:

• The Mask can be adjusted, nose and ear loops.
• The Mask is an appropriate fit.
• The Mask has a filter pocket.
• The Mask has multiple layers.

pm2.5 filters themselves are fantastic, however the design of the masks can vary so much there is no solid figure that fits all masks with a pm2.5 filter the figure floats around 60-90% of particles*.

A poorly fitted mask with no nose adjustment will mean a large percentage of particles will escape (or enter). As such the fit of the mask is very important.

Caring for your Cotton Face Mask

Remember you are breathing into the mask all day long and on hot days sweating into it as well as picking up any airborne particulates!

Hand-washing in standard detergent is the best way to make sure the  the mask is clean from bacteria and lasts.

Wearing a used mask without cleaning it can cause a build up of bacteria and eventually make you sick.**

We bulk screen print face masks – If you are a single mask, check with hardware stores or chemists. And learn the differences between face masks here.

We supply and screen print in Auckland, and we ship New Zealand wide. 

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