The Tooth Inspection Sheet

Why did I decide to make an inspection sheet?
For the fun of it, of course.

The concept isn’t original, in fact, there are inspection sheets around… Just nothing that I felt was quite official enough.

Should we tell our kids that there is a tooth fairy? who knows right. But at the end of the day, these are all things kids actively discuss. And the loss of teeth happens right around the time kids are probably getting a handle on the concept of money – Unless you are in our family in which case we’ve been getting right into interest and taxes since the first fake supermarket item was rung up at the pretend cash register.

The idea that the quality of the tooth should even be a factor was something I personally never considered, I was too busy mulling whether we should even be encouraging a story about the fairy.

It was a story from my sister in law, in which a friend of her son had been told that the tooth fairy pays less if your teeth are stained which planted the idea… Apparently, it was enough to get my nephews very serious about tooth brushing…..  We shared the story with our son of course, and life went on.

Fast forward to this week, and the first wobbly tooth. And I knew this was a learning opportunity – hence the form.

I printed it off at work and one of my colleagues was keen to get his hand on some copies, which is why we are where we are, you reading a long-winded blog entry and me making a website to share my form.

We also had the wonderful MJ Wolfe produce a Breaking News report, for a bit of fun and to lend some legitimacy to the form when talking to your kids, be sure you show them the footage!

You can download the form here. 

teeth inspection sheet