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Custom Screen Printing is still the most cost effective branding method for production runs, and it has an authentic feel and finish that feels more premium than transfers and a softer feel than embroidery onto lighter garments such as shirts.

Screenprinting is used when printing t shirts, hoodies and more or less any apparel. The general idea is that ink is forced through a mesh screen(s) with your design onto the fabric. Which is eventually cured through a large conveyer drier. You see a quick video at the top of the page or click below to view more about the process – including more video.


T-Shirt Printing Hoodies Tea Towels Safety/Workwear
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Plastisol T-Shirt Screen Printing

The majority of Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing we do is Plastisol. It is long lasting, and allows for opaque colours.

The plastisol inks on the market is greatly improved from yesteryear and we use only Phthalate Free Inks.

Safe Inks
Screen Printing | Custom Screen Printing | Water-based screen printing

Water Based Screen printing

Waterbased inks come in a few variants. For Tea Towels we use  Waterbased dyes to print, this ensures the tea towels are usable for drying dishes.

Waterbased plastisol replacements are coming along well, though longevity is not quite the same and supply is severely strained currently.

Digital T Shirt Transfers

Hybrid Prints, Supacolour etc

Supacolour is more of a promo product, however it is superior to DTG printing as it has a White Screen Print base.

This enables a truely opaque white, by digital printing the colours it enables smooth gradients and low MOQs for Full Colour Prints.

Custom Screen Printing is ideal for:

Production runs, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Bags, Tea Towels, Singlets, Aprons and other textiles

Screen Print Transfers are ideal for:

These are when ink is printed onto a flat substrate and then heat pressed onto a garment.

Caps, Waterproof jackets etc, Other double layered garments.

SupaColour Transfers are a combination of digital and screenprint, to overcome the limitations of digital direct to garment white (which lacks longevity and opaqueness) a white layer is screen printed over the digital colours, this is then heatpressed on.SupaColour is great for Caps and double layered garments or when you want to reproduce a lot of colours, particularly on smaller quantity runs.Some apparel such as Beanies must be Embroidered.

We are Auckland Based Screen Printers with New Zealand Wide delivery.

At Custom Branded we can brand and supply all of your apparel requirements.

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Some of the Brands we supply with Custom Screen Printing:

AS Colour, Freeset, Biz Corporates, James Harvest, Stormtech, Icebreaker, Team Sports, Jbs Wear, Gildan, Anvil, BMV, Biz Collection, Cloke, Syzmik, Visitec, Legend Life, Trends Collection, Maxum, The Range.

If you have a particular brand or item you require please specify this your contact message.

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