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is perfect for Shirts, Caps and Jackets


Embroidery is the longest lasting branding technique, often outliving garments.

Whilst Embroidery suits higher priced items, or items where screen print simply does work… Such as on Beanies. Embroidered areas are often stiffer than the surrounding fabric, so it not always the best on T-Shirts or singlets, unless the embroidery is small. View our High Quality range of Custom Embroidery.

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Embroidery Example Close up

Custom Embroidery

Embroidery is sewn into the garment using thread. This gives it a premium finish and longevity.

It does however come at a cost, both in pricing -where larger filled areas can quickly become expensive and it can limit the amount of detail that can be produced. Our team will advise if your artwork is suitable.

Embroidered Apron close up | Custom Embroidery

Aprons, Beanies, Caps…

Are all perfect candidates for embroidery.

Embroidered Aprons make up the bulk of our hospitality branding, apron embroidery is almost a given as the aprons themselves have a long life span.

Caps, Shirts and outerwear look great embroidered.

Woven Patches | Custom Embroidery Woven Patches

Woven Patches

An alternative to embroidery that still looks great and holds details that are not otherwise possible with Embroidery.

These can come with heat adhesive backing and applied to bags, caps or more or less anything or stitched on.

At Custom Branded we can brand and supply all of your apparel requirements. 

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