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1) IP and Website

1.1) IP
“Custom Branded™” is a Trademark of Graphics on Shirts Limited.
Graphics on Shirts Limited” is the property of Graphics on Shirts Limited.
“Cotton Supply Co®” is a Registered Trademark and Trading Name of Graphics on Shirts Limited cottonsupply.co and cottonsupply.co.nz are Property of Graphics on Shirts Limited.
teatowels.co.nz”, “Printed Tees” and “Aprons Direct” are Trading Names of Graphics on Shirts Limited. Associated urls are property of Graphics on Shirts Limited.
Hadski, Hadski Limited and Hadski Screen Printing are Trading names of Graphics on Shirts Limited. Stoney Creek Shop is defunct .All Artwork, Logos, Graphics, Text and Intellectual Property on this website is, without limitation, owned by Graphics on Shirts Limited unless specified or belonging to other brands. No Material, Images, Text, Information or Logos may be reproduced, copied, or altered in any way unless Express Written Consent is provided by Graphics on Shirts Limited, 74-76 Morrin Road, Panmure. All other brand names, and supplier logos such as AS Colour NZ are properties of their respective companies.

1.2) Photographs, Videography and Social Media
Graphics on Shirts Limited T/A Custom Branded™” reserves the right to feature jobs branded by Graphics on Shirts Limited on this website and in social media posts. All social posts will credit the client where possible and no social media posts of complete designs will be published prior to events (where event date is known) or before the items have been received by the client.
Please Contact us to have images/logos removed from our site/socials. And inform us prior to printing if you do not wish to be featured.

1) Payment

1.1) Payment No items will be dispatched before payment is cleared. Bank Deposits may take 1-2 days to clear and orders are not considered “placed” until payment clears. Credit Card payments are securely provided by EWAY. Please note that we do not accept Credit Card numbers by Email or Phone and we will never request your Credit Card Information.

1.2) Credit Terms & Limits The Seller reserves the right to extend credit terms only to select clients, and this will only happen after a pattern of prompt payment. Basic Credit Limited are at the discretion of The Seller and are generally capped at $10,000. Less or Further credit may be offered to regular clients at the Sellers’ discretion. The Seller reserves all rights to withdraw ‘Credit/On Account Terms’ at their discretion. The Seller reserves all rights to request payment before standard due dates when Credit Limit is or is to be exceeded. Standard terms are payment on the 20th. Regardless of credit limit a deposit will be required prior to any dispatch where an order exceeds $20,000 NZD.

1.3) Debt Collection The Seller reserves the right to hand any debts deemed problematic to Debt Force or similar agency. Any and all collection costs are to be charged to the Buyer. This includes but is not limited to all collection fees, fees to service the facilitation of collecting these fees – up to and including all court costs. 

1.3) INSTANT ESTIMATES AND QUOTES As per our QUOTE FORMS Sitewide and QUICK QUOTE FORMS on T-Shirt Printing and Quick Quote Pages.
Whilst we do our best to ensure product information is up to date some products may not be available or some colours may have been discontinued. All product pages now display instant estimates, these are not quotations and Graphics on Shirts Limited is under no obligation to honour these, for a confirmed quote please submit a quote request by adding to quote cart and adding any relevant details before submitting for quotation. Similarly quotes are only valid for 7 working days from sending.

2) Custom Printing, Ordering Via Email and Phone

2.1) Quotes
Quotes are valid for 7 days unless otherwise specified. And if marked as ‘indicative’ are not final. Any changes will be notified to the client in writing. This includes email quotes, Via Xero letterheads, spreadsheets or standard emails. 

2.2) Proofs
See terms on proof sheets, proofs are for placement and visual representation please check carefully, if no pantone colour is supplied it will be approximated.

2.3) Turnaround
Standard Turnaround is approx 1-2 Weeks, it can be longer, so if a specific date is required it must be stated by the client.

2.4) Approvals
Once proof has been signed off and pricing supplied the client is required to provide the go ahead or approval via email. Once in writing this is final and unless otherwise requested BEFORE printing begins the job will proceed and be branded – Approval is deemed contractual and the job will be completed and payment is expected. Approvals in email are considered signed and final.

2.5) Colour Matching
Colour matching is never quite 100%, we endeavour our best to match to colours, however without Pantone colours being provided this is more difficult and results will not match Screen – All Screens are calibrated different and printing is not done in RGB, which requires backlighting.
Screen Printing Plastisol We match using the Pantone Solid colour matching system, with Plastisol we match as close as possible to Pantone Colours provided. If no colour is provided we match as close as possible to our Screen – Our staff use iPads for their job sheets and proof checking, whilst these are relatively colour accurate it may not reflect what you see on your monitor so we recommend Pantone Colours where possible.
Water Based Dye printing – Such as when we print Tea Towels, is a very manual mixing process, as the inks are mixed per job and have a finite lifespan we do expect some variances even when matching Pantone Colours and previous jobs. However for the best result we still prefer a Pantone Colour to match to. We can print Plastisol onto tea towels, however as this limits the usefulness and lifespan we do not recommend it.
Embroidery Embroidery is done using Madeira Threads, if the thread colour is not requested a thread will be chosen. It is unlikely a 100% match can be made to Pantone Colours.
Digital Printing Inhouse or Supacolour. We generally use Supacolour which is the “Industry Standard” and the highest quality digitial process. As the process is digital, Pantone Colours are approximated and will not match 100%. Colours may appear more washed out than expected in some instances however the detail and longevity more than makes up for this. These transfers are printed using a White Screen Print Base and using a HP Indigo, so along with standard limitations the limitations of the indigo are to be expected.
Screen and CMYK vs RGB vs Spot InksPlastisol printing is typically spot colours, using a Pantone Coated Guide we can typically match colours within a small tolerance. However when viewing on Screen the “Pantone” or “Colour” you are looking at is likely to be quite different as you are viewing in RGB – RGB is a Back Lit Subtractive Colour Space and is not used in printing, which is additive. Full Colour Printing is done using CMYK in nearly all instances, this includes Supacolour. Process printing uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black with Halftone Dots, Process or Full Colour printing can result in a dulled appearance,

2.6) Print Size Print size tolerance of +/- 1-3% due to very minor shrinkage on some garments can occur. Please check your proof carefully, as proofs show approx print size it is recommended to use a ruler to check stated measurements.

2.7) Branding Type Where print size cannot fit a very small (less than 10)  number of garments, we reserve the right to substitute branding type only for these garments. OR in the instance where a different branding is required (onto rain jackets etc) than the rest of the job, transfers will also be used.

2.8) Payment Once a job is approved and printed payment will be required before collection unless otherwise agreed explicitly in writing, or within a maximum of the following 20th if on account terms, and not collected and paid before then.Any approved jobs but abandoned are still to be paid if the garments have been printed and no request for cancellation was made in writing before printing.

2.7) Cancellation Cancellation requests must be made in writing before printing begins, once a job is printed the client is responsible for payment. If it is too late the client will be advised when request is made.

2.8) Enforcement Failure to pay will result in the debt being handed over for collection. Any and all fees associated with Collection will be the responsibility of the client and will be payable over and above the original amount.
This includes but is not limited to, administration fees, percentage based fees for collection, visitation and court fees if any.

3) Care
All items are have Care Labels attached, failing to follow this instructions may result in damage to goods.
Graphics on Shirts Limited can not be held responsible for any Damage caused by not following Care Instructions, including the additional instructions for branded garments below:
• Branded items are to be cold water washed. • Branded items should be hang dried. • Never Iron over Printing/Branding • Do not commercially wash or dry branded items.

4) Turnaround
Standard Turnaround is 5-7 Working Days from Quantities and Approval, approvals received after 12pm will be considered Approved the following business day. Turnaround does not include freight time. Dispatch will be made within a target of 1-2 business days following payment. Freight time will then be dependant on location and carrier.
October – November – December Turnaround times will vary from Standard and could be longer than two weeks.
Graphics on Shirts Limited TA/Custom Branded take no responsibility for delays or jobs being unable to be completed due to Natural Disasters, Pandemics or other factors outside of our control.

5) Couriers and Returns
5.1) Graphics on Shirts Limited takes all care in packaging and addresses, and uses a selection of well regarded Couriers including New Zealand Couriers and Courier Post. 
5.1.1) The accuracy of address is the responsibility of the receiver, and there is an expectation that there are no obstacles to delivery.
5.1.2) One the parcel has left our address delivery is entirely dependent on the courier and receiver. Graphics on Shirts Limited accepts no responsibility for any delays in transit.
5.1.3) Any issues with delivery should first be addressed with the Courier company directly, however as the client any lost or damaged parcel claims are to be made by Graphics on Shirts Limited.

5.2) Please choose your items carefully, as returns will not be accepted if you choose the wrong colour or item.
5.3) Returns must be made within 30 days, and are only accepted if:
• Goods are supplied faulty or damaged. • Goods supplied are not the same as ordered and have been wrongly supplied.
5.4) Any Damage when instructions on Care Tags and above are not followed are the customers responsibility.
5.5) Additional Printed/Branded Care instructions above are to be followed where relevant.
5.6) All returned goods must include all original packaging.
5.7) Please contact us to organise any Returns.
5.8) Print or Design issues:
• Please check your garments carefully before handing out as Graphics on Shirts Limited will not arrange for individual collection, nor repair or replacement if the user has had acceptable use of the items as below.
• Print or Design defects must be reported within 30 days of receipt of Goods, Graphics on Shirts Limited considers any issues after this time “Accepted” and “Acceptable” and does not offer any further guarantee, exceptions will be considered where goods have not been unboxed or worn. Items that are have had “Acceptance use” or where the complaint is pertaining to “Acceptable variance” or are client supplied at “Clients risk” will be considered as such.
• See Section 2 and Section 7 for additional Branded Goods Terms before requesting a return on Branded Goods.
• Where a defect is reported within this time period Graphics on Shirts Limited will organise return freight and exercise right of Repair or Replace for any item returned. Exceptions outside of this time period will be considered on a case by case basis.
5.9) In instances where the garments have been worn or used the garment and branding is to be deemed “Accepted and Acceptable” where the garment has been used or washed over a period of time 30 days or great the job is deemed to have had “Acceptable use” and there is no expectation of replacement or repair.

Although specific competitions may have their own terms and conditions the following rules apply unless otherwise specified.

By participating you acknowledge that the competition is in no way endorsed by and/or run by Instagram. You must accurately tag content (ex: do not tag yourself in photos if you aren’t in the photo). All applicants release Instagram of any and all responsibility.
By participating you acknowledge that the competition is in no way endorsed by and/or run by Facebook. You must accurately tag content (ex: do not tag yourself in photos or posts if you aren’t in the photo). All applicants release Facebook of any and all responsibility.

• All Competitions are run by Graphics on Shirts Ltd T/A teatowels.co.nz.
• Unless otherwise specified Competitions are open to New Zealand residents only.
• Winners will be chosen by the criteria of the Competition at the discretion of Graphics on Shirts Limited. And all decisions are final.
• Applicants can be disqualified if found to be cheating, or spamming, or otherwise abusing the rules of the chosen platform. Additionally Applicants using profanity, racism, sexist or otherwise abusive behaviour will be disqualified.
• Prizes need to be claimed within 14 days of competition closing, otherwise they will be forfeit.
• Prizes will be issued as soon as practically possible, however at busy times this could be a matter of weeks.
• Graphics on Shirts Limited reserves the right to amend these rules and Terms and Conditions with no warning.

7) Additional Terms and Definitions for custom printing and printing supplied products:
7.1) “Clients Risk”
Graphics on Shirts Limited deems any items supplied by the client to be at the Clients Risk, in regards to not only security but also print quality and positioning. Graphics on Shirts Limited prefers to supply garments that are proven and from quality suppliers.
Client Supplied Garments are stored at the express risk of the client. All supplied garments are stored with the understanding that the client has arranged insurance to cover these at our premises. Graphics on Shirts Limited accepts no responsibility for replacing garments which are damaged by any means or stolen from our premises.
7.2) “Acceptable use”
Graphics on Shirts Limited deems any time worn, washed or used as having enjoyed acceptable use, provided the garment does not fall apart due to manufacturing defects, however it is acknowledged that after a period of 15 – 20 days the garment is accepted and the user has had acceptable use. Outside of this period any branding or minor defects are deemed accepted and acceptable and any damage becomes difficult to investigate as garments are often subject to wear and tear by the wearer.
7.3) “Acceptable variance”
Graphics on Shirts Limited deems any item not reported as being as being incorrect in regards to colour or fit as labelled as Acceptable if not reported within 15 – 20 days. Outside of this external factors such as fade, washing and wear can affect garments. Any branding that accurately portrays a companies colours and logo or message is considered Acceptable and Accepted if not reported, and agreed as being too far from approved visuals within 15-20 days is considered “Acceptable variance”. Any mistakes in spelling or incorrect colours (red instead of pink etc)should be reported before being handed out and will be repaired or replaced if reported and returned within 15-20 days, any time after this is deemed “Acceptable use”. Some colour variance between stated Pantone Colour and printed result is to be expected withing 1-3 shades when printing Plastisol and a ‘close as possible match’ is deemed acceptable within an additional 1-2 shades of Plastisol is expected when dye printing. Digital prints are expected to be duller than Screen.
7.3.1) Some minor colour variance between batches is deemed acceptable, please report any issues immediately and before wearing items so this can be discussed.
7.3.2) Minor colour variance between lots of branding is at times unavoidable, however when Pantone or Madeira colours are not supplied garments will be branded “From Screen” as screens do vary this may result in a difference between what you see and what you get, this is the reason we ask for Pantone Colours and without these this is considered “Acceptable variance”.
7.3.3) Artwork size and Positioning. Printing is a mechanical process, and involves heat. This can result in Positional, Size and Rotational Variances within a predetermined tolerance which varies from garment and branding types being deemed “Acceptable variance” Some minor shrinkage in drying is unavoidable, in particular with Polyester garments, in the instance of polyester this can affect size of both the garment and the print. The machines are setup with the neck and shoulders of the garment providing the positioning, any variance in the garment shape and size can cause the print positioning to change +/- 3 degrees in rotation is deemed “Acceptable variance”. A change in position of up to 5-10mm is deemed “Acceptable variance” in same style and size of garment. A larger positional change is to be expected across different garment types, particularly when seams are located close to print, this can result in variances that can exceed normal tolerances by as much as 5-10x being deemed “Acceptable variance”.
Some print size variances can also occur where the garment may have shrunk slightly through the heat tunnel. Proofs show approx print size on a Medium size garment – Please note garment sizes change between brands so always check sizing manually using a rule.
7.4) Acceptable Reproduction (of Artwork and designs). Process used has a large baring on colour reproduction and general finish. Reproduction is deemed “Acceptable reproduction” when the artwork is reproduced without Spelling Errors, Missing Text or Missing Elements. In addition to what is deemed “Acceptable variance” in tone, colour, position and sizing some infilling of small areas is to be expected, this includes small “®” marks and other Copyright Marks – Small text on solid backgrounds is especially prone to infilling, and very fine lines may not reproduce at all. We reserve the right to produce garments provided the “inference” of the design exists, ie. When the ® infills however the “idea or inference” is still intact – Where the reader can still “get the idea” as to what the item was. Registered and Copyright marks may from time to time need to be removed. 
7.5) Printing onto supplied garments, especially garments not from our standard suppliers is at the “Clients Risk”. Items we do not normally supply will only ever be printed at the clients risk of bleed or print adherence. Shape and print consistency cannot be guaranteed and these are not subject to normal tolerances, all printing on these garments are at the Clients Risk”.
Garments already branded with logos such as Sports Brands or any other branding, are unsuitable for branding. Any additional branding will never line up exactly and any variance in the shirt shape particularly at the neck and shoulder will affect print positioning, as many Sports Brand logos will be branded when the garment is panels this can mean a larger than normal deviation will be considered “Acceptable variance”.
7.6) Mixed processes, when multiple branding methods are used such as Embroidery, Digital and Screen Printing these processes are done on different machinery and will never line up exactly, this can result in a “Acceptable variance” of as much as 5-10x standard “Acceptable variance”.
7.7) Garment or textile size, a small change of 3-5% in sizing is deemed an “Acceptable variance”. T-Shirts and Apparel can be slightly crooked and stretched. Polyester garments can and will shrink. Tea Towels can contain up to 3-5 imperfections such as colour threads “no longer than 5mm”, ladders, loose or inconsistent stitching, fluffy or rough patches and be deemed “Acceptable”, some variances in size and shape in between tea towels is impossible to control and deemed “Acceptable variance”.

8) Colour Reproduction in digital and dye printing
Monitors: All monitors have differing calibration settings, this is why in Spot Colour printing we match to Pantone Colours which are a universal standard and we have swatch books to Match to.
Colour spaces: Monitors are also backlit, resulting in often times impossibly bright colours – This will depend on how well your monitor is calibrated. Additionally monitors use a backlit system to generate colours.
Dye printing is a little different and a special process using waterbased inks/dyes this does mean that colour reproduction, even matching to Pantone colours is never 100% possible. Depending on the fabric and its absorbency there will always be a loss of some vibrancy. This is the trade off for having a soft, washable and dryable end product.
Tea towels in particular and by nature absorb well, this does result in some loss of vibrancy.
CMYK and full colour printing will also always result in a less vibrant result as there is no backlight, and some colours simply cannot exist outside of RGB – which is a screen and subtractive backlit colour system.  Digital printing processes 

9) Privacy
Google Analytics: Your movements within this website and referrer is recorded by Google Analytics, this information is used only to better the user experience on the website and is entirely anonymous. This anonymous information is never seen by, sold or otherwise traded to any third party.
Enquiries: Your submitted details are available only to sales representatives and are used solely for the purpose of contacting you based on your request. You are under no obligation to reply to or accept quotes. This information is used only with permission and will never be sold, rented or otherwise seen or traded to any third party.
Orders/Addresses: Your order details and delivery address is stored only in context with your respective job and only by authorised employees. Your details will never be passed on, sold or transferred to any third party, with the exception of address labels being printed and lodged with their respective courier companies.
Credit Cards: Credit Card payments are handled by a secure third party Gateway (Stripe). Graphics on Shirts Limited never sees your Credit Card details and we do not process manual charges.
SMS Notifications: Graphics on Shirts Limited is trialling order notifications via sms for those opting in. Your Customer Service agent may ask if you wish to receive these updates at time of approval, let your agent know if you wish to receive these – We will never contact you except to provide updates about the approved job. You may txt STOP at any time to stop receiving updates.

9) Force Majeure Clause:

9.1) “Force Majeure Event” means an event beyond the reasonable control of Graphics on Shirts Limited, which could not have been reasonably foreseen at the time of entering into this Agreement and which makes it impossible for the party affected to perform its obligations under this Agreement. Such events include but are not limited to acts of God, natural disasters, war, acts of terrorism, labor disputes, government orders, and transport failures.
9.2) If a Force Majeure Event occurs and it prevents Graphics on Shirts Limited, from performing its obligations under this Agreement, then Graphics on Shirts Limited, shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations for as long as the Force Majeure Event continues.
If Graphics on Shirts Limited, is prevented from performing its obligations due to a Force Majeure Event for more than 7-10 Working Days, it shall notify the client in writing of the nature of the Force Majeure Event and the extent to which it is affecting its ability to perform its obligations under this Agreement. 
If the Force Majeure Event continues for a period of more than 7-10 Working Days, then the client shall have the right to terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to the affected party.
Graphics on Shirts Limited, shall use all reasonable endeavors to mitigate the effects of the Force Majeure Event on its ability to perform its obligations under this Agreement.
The parties shall cooperate with each other and use all reasonable efforts to minimize the impact of a Force Majeure Event and to resume the performance of their obligations under this Agreement as soon as practicable.


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