Free Resources

We have a fair few assets laying around that we are either not using or are much earlier iterations, primarily from designs we sell at cotton supply co.

We will update this page as time allows.

All of these are provided Free for Personal Use*, we only ask that if you alter or share these you credit either or link to this page
Click an image to download free of charge – including any and all grammar and spelling issues!

Kea Mask
Colour in tui

Looking for more Quality Activities?

We recommend checking out the following Kiwis’s providing free activities:

 Glenn Jones Art

Glen Jones has really cool Activity and Crafts to download.

Hansby Design

Hansby Design have some lovely Colour in Pages.

Looking for Instructions to make a face mask?

We’ve removed ours, the Govt Covid 19 website does it better!

A mask doesn’t have to cost anything, check out the following page for step by step instructions and videos:

Learn to make your own mask

Want to learn artwork?

It is probably better to just approach a designer, thats what they do! But if you insist, please work in Vector!
There are free alternatives to Illustrator, though if you are a student or school, you qualify for a decent discount which includes free courses.

Adobe student pricing

Remember when designing for screen print:

Colour matching is done to Pantone Solid Coated colours.
All colours look different on different screens, as such the Pantone system is used for consistency.

Percentages are made up of Halftone Dots, when printed.
We will do a full printing section. In the interim (especially when starting out) try and stay with Solid Colours.

Pricing is based partially on number of print colours
Try to stick to distinctive as few solid colours  as you can (ie. One Black, One Green) to qualify as a two colour print etc.

RGB is a backlit colour system, these colours cannot exist without light behind them. You are working using Pantone Swatches right?
This may not be an option in free software, so make sure you keep this in mind.



Inkscape is a Free Vector app, for Windows, Linux & Mac OS (though the developers acknowledge the Mac OS version needs work), also CMYK is not supported out of the box. Overall Inkscape can be finicky to setup.


Inkscape is a Free Vector app for Mac OS and iOS.

Now that you have some tools to get started, we would still suggest contacting a designer. Chances are it will pay off in the long run, a good designer should help with all areas of your design and will have some great suggestions you may not have thought of yet. – Use someone local that you can visit (once things settle down).


Right, you have a few built in, but want something a little different?

Free font sites are a dime a dozen, however you don’t want adware and ideally you to use something you are actually allowed to use for commercial use right?

Google Fonts

Google Fonts have a whole heap of open source fonts available.

Font Bundles

Font Bundles Free (for Commercial Use) Section has fonts that are free for Commercial Use.

Now that you have the fonts, keep them organised.

Font Base

We would usually recommend FontExplorer, however Fontbase is free!

*All artwork is provided as is, and is intended for Personal Use, please credit if sharing. We offer no guarantees or support.
Artwork is Copyright ©Graphics on Shirts t/a Custom Branded™ and is not to be used, altered or sold for Commercial Purposes. All logos are also ©Graphics on Shirts Ltd, including “Cotton Supply Co®, and Custom Branded™”.

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