Pricing Info

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on a few factors.

1. Garment/Item(s)

Nice and simple, different items have different prices.
Note our price calculator has several garments in each of the Staple/Maple*, Classic/Tall*, Singlets* and Base/Ink Tee* pricing tiers.

You can also request items or brands not on here, as Commercial Screen Printers we do have reseller accounts with most apparel suppliers in New Zealand.

So whilst we believe they give the best result in most instances – You don’t have to use AS Colour.

2. Branding

Namely number of colours in the print, and print size (as well as number of prints).
This is where the ideal situation is using one print design/size that works across all garments will help you meet the higher pricebreak and avoid extra setups.

50+ Unit orders receive 1x Setup Free, setups are then $40.00 +gst per colour/design.
Setups are one off and not charged on reorders*

Our team will advise you what branding type your design would best suited to.

3. Quantities

Price is is based on quantities per design/design size, this means you can mix and match garments to get the higher price break.

Example: 40 T Shirts + 10 Hoodies all with the same design at 250mm wide would give you the 50+ pricing for both the tees and hoodies.

There are minimums on different processes, our team can advise you on this. As setup makes up a majority of time, even exceeding actual run time on small orders our pricing is heavily dictated by quantity per run.

Free printing setup

FREE SETUP: All 50+ Unit orders receive 1x Free Setup. So for One Colour Jobs setup is entirely free. Setups are a one off fee provided repeat orders are 20+ units and artwork does not change.
10+10 = 20: Provided the design works across garments the total quantity can be made up from any combination of garments. (ie. 10 Hoods + 10 Tees = 20+ Units)
Onsite estimates: Are generally accurate, however as Suppliers are often updating prices these are not valid quotes. Please submit quote forms or send and enquiry for a quotation based on your requirements. 

A quick note about pricing and sizes, particularly when printing adult and kids sizes:
The pricebreak is based on total prints of a single design at one time. As such you can mix singlets, hoodies and tees and this would count towards the larger total.

However this also means you need to be aware of the sizing when designing, if your design needs to be one size on adults and one size on kids this would effectively double the setup fee and split the pricebreak quantity. We recommend working as large as possible on the smallest garment.

Pricing info: other Fees and Costs*

Pricing on the calculator is based on Spot Colour Screen Printing, which is the most common and generally speaking best and most cost effective method of branding onto T-Shirts.

We offer the first setup free on orders 50+ Units.
This means a single colour job will not incur a setup fee at all.

Outside of this (and for any extra colours/sizes) each setup is $40.00 +gst ea – You can learn more about this on our Process Page.

This is taken into consideration by having no repeat setups. However each job is treated individually.

See Why are Bulk Runs Cheaper below for more info

Price Breaks – Pricing is based on several factors, whilst consumables and garments can be cheaper at larger quantities the biggest factor is run time.

We offer price breaks based on the number of units per run;
While we only charge a setup fee on the first run, subsequent runs will still require a setup process.

Setup time constitutes a significant portion of overall run time (ie. A 100 unit run is very similar in runtime to 50 units) as such we have price breaks at 20+, 50+, 100+, 250+, 500+ and quote on bulk runs 1000+ units.

We also take into account the potential for future runs by not imposing additional setup fees, despite the need for setup each and every time. However, clients who order large quantities of units multiple times a year will only receive discounts based on the number of units per run. As a result, clients may reach a new price break after a few runs, even if they initially ordered at a lower price break level. For example, a client’s first order might qualify for the 50+ unit pricing, but subsequent orders may exceed 100 units, allowing them to receive the 100+ unit pricing.

We love receiving print ready Vector Artwork.
This means we don’t have to charge anything for your artwork!

If you cannot supply this check with any printers that may have arranged signage or business cards etc for you in the past.
Failing this we can arrange for a redraw, pricing will depend on complexity.

Embroidery is based on stitch count. 
As such we do need the artwork in front of us to accurately quote.

Much like embroidery, transfers and speciality inks such as Glow, Puff, Fluro will need to be sighted to approximate pricing.

We freight from Auckland, we use Courier Post and New Zealand Couriers.
Pricing will depend on the size of the job/how many boxes and where the items are going. We absolutely allow pickups.

*Our team will provide a full quotation before undertaking any work.

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