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KN95 is a Chinese standard, comparable to P2 or N95 (though N95 have better overhead straps). With a similar 90-95% particle block rate.

Please note that branding area is smaller than on our Cotton Face masks and as low temperature branding is required by this item, the branding lifespan will not be the same. As a limited use product we do not see this being an issue.

N95 Masks as well as P2 and KN95 Masks are all marketed as single use. However current guidance states that multiple uses are fine, the number varies between several wears and 40 hours. As a rule we might try for 20 hours if in a well ventilated area and clean. So likely good for 10-20 wears.

N95, P2 and K95 all have increased inhalation stress and C02 can build up, it is recommended that you only wear for One Hour at a time, followed by a break.

Surgical Masks or our Cloth Masks (When fitted with a Filter) might be a better option for long use.


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    KN95 Mask testing

    K95 mask Printing NZ CNAS Certified

    White KN95 Face Masks For Printing (CNAS tested), which is the Chinese equivalent of N95. As well as some Black KN95.
    Important Note: These are CNAS tested in China, which confirms that despite the absence of all required physical markings on the masks, these masks meet the performance criteria required. However, we are not able to confirm that they are specifically to the KN95 standard, as they are missing the physical markings on the mask which must be present on the mask, tear down confirms multiple layers of varying materials,

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